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The Alltagsmenschen are returning to the 8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture in Bad Ragaz and Valens
May 8 - October 31, 2021


83 artists from 16 countries are exhibiting over 400 works of art at the 8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture in Bad Ragaz and Valens this summer. With their art, Christel and Laura Lechner are once again part of the art of the open air this year.

Exhibition and position of the Alltagsmenschen |
Bad RagARTz 2021


Information Bad RagARTz

Alltagsmenschen will be represented at the famous Bad RagARTz open-air exhibition from May 8 to October 31, 2021. During this time, the health resort in the Sarganserland and - for the first time in the history of the exhibition - the idyllic Valens in the Tamina valley are transformed into a landscape full of sculptures.


Around 80 artists from all over the world are exhibiting a total of around 400 sculptures at the 8th Swiss Sculpture Triennial in Bad Ragaz and Valens.


The artists Christel and Laura Lechner are also represented with their two beach walkers - who can be found in front of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Triennial of Sculptures

There is no door and no entry at Bad RagARTz 2021. All that the visitor needs is the willingness to encounter the art at every turn. The commitment of the Hohmeister are based on the idea of bringing art from museums to the open air in order to make it accessible to the public.


Events such as DorfART or the numerous art tours enrich the sculpture show this year. Current information can be found on the Bad RagARTz website:


Many thanks to “ Sara Foser, Foto Fetzer ” for the pictures provided

Interactive map of Bad RagARTz with the position of the beach walkers

Have you already visited the beach runners in Bad Ragaz? Please send us your pictures!


We look forward to showing you your very own everyday moment here on our website!

Christel and Laura Lechner -
the artists behind the Alltagsmenschen

Find out more about the artists Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner as well as the Lechnerhof Atelier - the home of all Alltagsmenschen.

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