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The Alltagsmenschen are returning to Wenningstedt on Sylt!

March - October 2021


The town of Wenningstedt on Sylt has almost become a second home for the Alltagsmenschen.
Brand new this year you will also find our everyday people in List!

Exhibition Alltagsmenschen
Sylt 2021

Alltagsmenschen Sylt Wenningstedt. Die 3 Surferinnen

Wenningstedt, Sylt


From March to October 2021 Alltagsmenschen  will again populate the Germans' favorite island this year. A total of 30 sculptures invite you to take a tour of the island.

New for 2021: the couch zone


This year you can be part of the exhibition on Sylt. With their new works - the four inviting sofas - Christel and Laura Lechner invite you to join them and take a little rest. Through the interaction of the visitors, new images are created again and again and they become part of the art in public space.


"We learn to see through the distance" describes Christel Lechner the idea behind the new couch zones.

Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler Installation
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler Installation
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Vier Opas auf der Bank Boule
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler mit grauem Jackett und Kappe
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Opas auf der Bank
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler Installation Gesprächsrunde
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler Installation Kugeln aus Beton
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler mit rotem Pullunder
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler aus Beton
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - Boule Spieler Installation Zuschauer
Alltagsmenschen Sylt - die Sonnenbadende

Flyer with all positions of the


We invite you to discover and explore the Alltagsmenschen on a tour through Wenningstedt! Many thanks to the Wenningstedt-Braderup Tourist Service for providing the flyer.

interactive tour through Wenningstedt with the Alltagsmenschen

Are you looking for the well-known female surfers - the most popular photo opp in 2019 - or the two showers Alltagsmenschen on the pedestal of the main staircase? You might also want to discover the new couch zone or the boat trip . You can find all positions of the Alltagsmenschen in Wenningstedt and List on our interactive maps.


We look forward to you and your most beautiful everyday person moments, which we are happy to show here on the page!

Christel and Laura Lechner -
the artists behind the Alltagsmenschen

Find out more about the artists Christel Lechner and Laura Lechner as well as the Lechnerhof Atelier - the home of all Alltagsmenschen.

Christel Lechner und Laura Lechner. Die Betonkünstlerinnen hinter den Alltagsmenschen

Pictures of the Alltagsmenschen from Eschborn

Your pictures are missing in the gallery? Feel free to email us your #everydaypeopleMoments from Sylt so that we can show them here. We look forward to your experiences!


Mrs. Nicole M.

The Alltagsmenschen are always a wonderful enrichment for Mosbach and they conjure up a smile on your face with their cheerful charisma.


Mrs. Ursula B.

2 weeks ago I visited your Alltagsmenschen in Mosbach and I am absolutely thrilled. Believe me, my camera did not stand still!!


Mr. Martin P.

The joy that you conjured up on the faces of all of us with your sculptures will hopefully return to you.

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